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Pearls of Wisdom

Jewelry designer Anne Hughes Windmueller has a lot to say about accessories!  Anne loves to create, give, and get jewelry. Jewelry, itself, has a presence. So harness that glorious power for ultimate impact.

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Let's squeeze one more thing in...

As part of the Spring promotion for my jewelry line, Anne Belen Jewelry, Belk is running a special advertorial in Garden & Gun's March/April magazine!  As I write, yours truly has her hair in rollers, several different "looks" laid out, and jewelry all ready to go.  I am one manicure and an early flight away from glossy page history!  What cracks me up the most is that most readers don't know that I am nearly 36 weeks preggers, grumpy, puffy, and just wiped this morning's cereal off my floor (thanks Ella). When initially asked to participate in the photo shoot, my first thought was "It's Christmas season, I am REALLY pregnant, and you want me to sell Spring now and...

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